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Community and Junior Colleges

The Workforce Development Program at the community and junior college level is dedicated to improving the economy in each local district by strengthening the professional capacities of the current and future workforce. It provides assessment, counseling, planning, and assistance to adults in career transition and facilitates effective training programs that bridge the gap between the skills of the available labor pool and the performance needs of area employers.

The three community and junior colleges within the Mid-Mississippi area each have a Workforce Development Center located on campus. These Workforce Development Centers are advised by a district workforce development council whose members represent the service areas of each district.

The community and junior college Workforce Development Centers provide the following customized services:

    * Recruiting
    * Assessments
    * Career Counseling
    * Job Referrals
    * Basic Skills/GED Testing
    * Referrals to Full-time Vocational and Technical Programs
    * Short-term Adult Training
    * Technical Skills Training

Businesses and industries have access to services such as:

    * Job Analysis
    * Assessment
    * Assistance with the Development of Long-range Training Plans
    * Workplace Basic Skills
    * Industry-specific Pre-employment Training to Screen Employees
    * Customized Skills Training
    * Financial Support for In-house Training Programs
    * Total Quality Management
    * Advanced Skills Training
    * Supervisory and Leadership Training
    * Training Manuals
    * Multimedia Training Aids
    * Upgrade Training
    * Online Technical Training
at the Community/Junior Colleges
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